White alum

White alum

White Alum, Alum Double Aluminum Sulfate

Scientific name of Allah

Steoptria – Alon – aloman – alen

Other names

Persian: Zak, Zaggh, Allah

Arabic: night

Greek: Al-Qais

Hindi: Battalion

Local names: Zhemay (Mashhadi), Zi (Turkish), Zham (Afghani), Slope (Armenian) (Qalqtar, Qalqadis, Nahas)

Short introduction

Types: Intruders are 25 types available
Method of Recognition: White Alum, Tormesl Paper is corroded, and the method of knocking the distilled Alum by rubbing steel is made of copper steel
Animals: From the smoke of almonds, the mice and flies are euthanized, scrubbing a 50% solution of burgundy algae to the wound of the trap helps to heal the wound
Tannery: shedding skin
Dyeing: For dyeing, first, the cloth is washed in an agar, then dried, dyed, and generally used to dye color
Compounding: Used in the composite industry. There are many poems in this regard, including the famous piece
Alum is a special place for Iranians, it is always burned in March, it is used both for the removal of insects and as eye scars
Chloe grills are added to white alum to whiten the rice when wet
The white alum boiled in aluminum containers causes a white dish
In the past, in the pools and pools, 5 grams of water were added to the water to prevent leaking and decaying, or bubbled or copper sulfate
To keep it healthy and keep the green pickled cucumber, a little bit of bruising is needed
In hairdressing salons, alum was used to remove skin cuts as it had a quick healing effect on the ulcer and washed blood quickly by rubbing it into bloody forms. (Infection and blood clotting)
To reduce the scum, the body rubs the scrubbing or scrubbing solution
You can use alum as a solvent or powdered alum to fill the skin and pores of the skin (astringent